What do you do when you run out of road?

What we did

Audience Profiling & Targeting
Digital Awareness Campaign Creative
Response Backend
Campaign Deployment & Management

Campaign numbers

Impressions: 132,461
Link clicks: 1,555
Leads: 244
Cost per lead: $9.37
Adspend: $2,286
Duration: 2 weeks

Cheema Civic Support OMS Campaign

What you need to know

Cheema Lands in Squamish had literally run out of road. Located in the Garibaldi Highlands, they had collectively developed their community by collaborating with their neighbours and the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association to ensure the natural land and trails were not impacted.

City Council, however, had different ideas, and were consistently ignoring the project’s rezoning application and the support of the community. To get their attention, we launched a civic campaign that targeted specific neighbourhoods and built a call to action that allowed supporters to send a support letter directly to the mayor and council.

The result was overwhelmingly positive. Dozens of letters were sent to city council members, elevating the issue and making it a core issue at subsequent meetings and open houses.