Getting the word out in a pandemic

What we did

Audience Profiling & Targeting
Target Specific Messaging
Digital Ad Campaign Creative
Campaign Deployment & Management
Lead Nurturing Management

Campaign numbers

Impressions: 32,848
Link clicks: 634
Leads: 144
Cost per lead: $4.13
Adspend: $594
Duration: 3 Months

Eaton Square

What you need to know

On the surface, Eaton Square wasn’t very different from any other townhome community. It had everything you’d want and expect in a family home. What made it exceptional however, was its location. Set in a region of Surrey that was not a typical residential neighbourhood, its combination of features, style and location gave it exceptional value.

The challenge for us was to spread the word when everyone was in lockdown. This meant the usual marketing channels like signage and print ads were useless, and that we had to market Eaton Square through digital channels only.

Creating a social campaign that leveraged our target audiences increased screen time, we developed target specific messaging that spoke directly to each buyer profile, and then built a lead nurturing backend that engaged prospects immediately and drove them to pre-book appointments with sales representatives.