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What we did

Audience Profiling & Targeting
Target Specific Messaging
Digital Ad Campaign Creative
Campaign Deployment & Management

Campaign numbers

Impressions: 244,512
Link clicks: 3,126
Leads: 691
Cost per lead: $5.21
Adspend: $3,597.16
Duration: 1 Month

SOCO Digital Marketing

What you need to know

Anthem was already running a standard digital marketing campaign for SOCO. So it might seem a little odd that we ran a parallel program that competed for the same prospects. Commissioned by Sutton Realty to generate additional sales leads, we used the experience we had in creating the project brand, and combined it with target specific profiling and messaging. The result was a campaign that said the right things to the right people, and generated prospects that were more engaged and further along in their decision to buy.